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Welcome to the West Midlands Traditional Folk Music Scene website. Our site exists in order to provide the interested with all the resources, information and related links available on the internet regarding the West Midlands Traditional Folk Music Scene.


For many years new musicians had to face a truly uphill battle to get their work heard by the public because the big record labels had such a hold on the market that unless you were one of the lucky few to be selected by a recording label agent you could go your whole career without reaching an audience bigger than those who saw you play on the gigging circuit. We should be grateful that those days are now a thing of the past.

Thanks to websites such as YouTube you can now easily upload your musical output and the only thing that will determine your success and popularity is the quality of that which you are uploading, as people are no longer reliant on the music press to tell them what is good and what is not – now more than ever, people have the tools to make up their own mind about quality of content, since content is freely available to all.


here is still music news being reported, but now it is in the hands of independent bloggers and website content producers, who are unencumbered by things like advertising revenues to worry about, and are not beholden to anyone, so can give you their unhindered and unbiased opinion. If you would like to comment on our West Midlands Traditional Folk Music Scene website, feel free to do so.